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The city tour involves Trangier and its surroundings as well as Spartel Cape at the extreme North-West of Africa and Hercules Caves which are associated with the legend of Hercules being the one separated Africa from Europe. From this point of Africa you can have an exceptional view of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic ocean.

The visit includes also the Kasbah district next to the port, the old Medina with its craftsmanship shops and a magnificent minaret overlooking the sea. You will also have the opportunity to pass by the Grand Socco and the Mendoubia park accommodating dragon skeleton dating from ancient centuries. Little farther , there is the Petit Socco where a multitude of small hotels which previously accommodated famous artists and writers such us Matisse, Camille Saint Saens, Paul Bowles…



Tetouan is a famous craftsmanship centre in North Morocco. It is a nice town of Andalusia style that seduces visitors by its meanderings, valleys, serenity and its special ambiance. If it were not for its mountainous character, Tetouan would have been another Fez. Its museums, its Mellah and craftsmanship schools evoke a rich past.

Asilah & El Had Souk


Excursion begins first with El Had Souk which opens every Sunday; It is an opportunity to see an amalgam of colourful products and merchants.
Then the visit continues towards Asilah, an ancient Phoenician town which nowadays the town of fishermen. It is surrounded by crenelated ramparts, tick high walls, towers and bastions of Andalusia style. Asilah organises yearly the most important cultural festival in Morocco which is an occasion gathering international artists, writers and painters who leave their prints and sample of their works on the town walls.



Chaouen, or Chefchaouen as in Berber language, is one of the most beautiful towns of the Rif mountains. It is a mountains massif and the last rampart before the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula. It is famous for its shady valleys Medina, its white houses with blues doors and wrought iron windows and tile roofs. The local markets of Chaouen are animated with traditionally dressed habitants and colourful goods beautifully displayed.

Chaoun offers to visitors the charm of a city which has preserve the Arab-Andalusia art and traditions.

rif atlas


An excursions away from off the beaten track in the heart of the Rif mountains. Steep mountains of granite and clay of amethyst colours, ochre, grey, white and purple. The nature has left its marks in mountains, plateaux and valleys. The scenery is rich in pine forests, flower fields, rivers, resins, laurels, fig-trees, fresh mint, coriander, parsley, etc. The route itself is magnificent decorated by a multitude of villages perched on top of steep rocky hills. The Rifains; are mountain dwellers who are keen on preserving their traditional life style. Throughout the way you can see them waving at passers by while busy working in the field protected by their pompon hats.