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Full Day Sightseeing of FES

Established in 790 by Moulay Idriss, fez is the religious, intellectual and artistic Moroccan metropolis. Cradle of a millennium monarchy, Fez was for a long period the capital of the Cherifian Empire. It has preserved its historical background and its role as an Islamic city intact for years.

Fez is a network of winding alleys that can hardly be unravelled. Movement, noise, shouting, smell of tanned leather, delicate aroma of oriental perfumes, barbecues, sweet pastry all this is the imperial city.

Meknès & Volubilis

Rich in historical background, this visit will enable you to appreciate the Saint City of Muslim Moroccans, Moulay Idriss, the relics of the Roman city Volubilis (i.e. morning glory) and at last the prestigious past of Meknes being the third Imperial city in Morocco.

Full Day Excursion to RABAT

Rabat is the kingdom capital and headquarters of the government. It is a pretty city containing an important archeological heritage originating from the 8th century BC. Chellah is a romantic solitary cemetery where Merenide Sultans rest and the sculpted minaret of Hassan Tower are incursion in history which ends at the façade of the Royal Palace.

Full Day Excursion to CHEFCHAOUEN

Chaouen, or Chefchaouen in Berber, is one of the most beautiful cities in Rif the mountainous massif which is the last rampart before the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula. Chefchaouen is known by its Medina of shady alleys, whitewashed houses with blue turquoise doors, wrought iron windows and tile covered roofs. The souks are decorated with their traditionally dressed inhabitants toing and froing in their straw hats.


Sefrou, the white city located at 800 m altitude, is an appealing site on the borders of Fez and the Atlas chains. Sefrou’s location enables it to be an important agricultural site where the Cherry Festival is celebrated every June.
Climbing the olive grove of Kandar foothills, you arrive to Bhalil, the ancient village originating from the Christian era and known for its troglodytes.